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How to Setup, Apply and View the To Do List

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 The To Do List is an internal tracking system which is used for patient management and for instant report tracking.

When you click on the To Do List icon, there will be seven tabs at the top of the screen. They are To Do List, Refer In/Out, Recall, Tx Status (Treatment Status), Budget Plan, Appointments, and eReminders. Just click on a tab to view the list you need.

Note: The Supervisor can assign access rights to the Refer In/Out, Recall, and Treatment Status lists. Anyone can access the To Do List tab, Budget Plan, and Appointment tab.

  • To Do List tab
    • Tracks patients based on the To Do List codes that you create in Service Codes. This allows you to effectively manage your patients, such as call back lists and collection accounts.
  • Refer In/Out tab
    • Patients who have been marked as referred in to or out from your office are tracked on the Refer In/Out tab.  There is a folder for In and a folder for Out, and each of those folders contain subfolders for specialty.  Those specialty folders also contain subfolders for each doctor under that specialty who has had a referral entered under their name.
  • Recall tab
    • All of your patients are automatically tracked in Recall folders based on their overdue recall period.
  • Tx Status tab
    • The Treatment Status tab actually contains several different tracking folders. You can track patients who :
      • have incomplete treatment on their Transaction screen.
      • have a past due pre-authorization. There is a separate folder for pre-auths sent to Primary and Secondary insurance.
      • have completed treatment on their Transaction screen that has not yet been claimed to insurance.
      • have a past due insurance claim.  Once again, there is a separate folder for claims sent to Primary and Secondary insurance.
      • have outstanding insurance claims from prior to the office being on v8 of MOGO.
      • have outstanding Treatment Plans
        • There is a folder labeled ‘v13 Treatment Plans’. These are plans created in the Transaction screen
        • There are a series of folders for the different stages of a plan created either in the Treatment Planning Module or via the Restorative Chart
  • Budget Plan tab
    • Patients with a budget plan setup are automatically tracked under the Budget Plan tab. There will be separate folders for overdue and current budget plans. Patients will be tracked in this list until their budget plan is completed paid.
  • Appointments tab
    • The Appointments List will contain detailed appointment information in special month and year appointment folders. All the appointments in your Appointment Book are automatically tracked in the Appointment List!
  • eReminders tab
    • The eReminders tab allows you to track which patients are scheduled to receive an ereminder, as well as the lists of patients who cannot receive eReminders and therefore need to be manually called.

The To Do List is accessed from the Patient Lookup List, Patient Information, Patient Transaction, and many other screens within the program. It is shown as a large icon on the Patient Lookup List , a smaller icon on the menu bar in most screens , and it is under GoTo in the menu bar on most screens as well.

A Document Summary can be printed from the Instant Recall, Refer In/Out, and Budget Plan tabs. It can also be printed when you are in the Appointment Monitor [F-12] screen. The Document Summary allows you to print out a report based on Related Notes that were documented for the patients on the list.

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