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Daysheet Year Map

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The Daysheet Report is accessed from the  Report screen and should be generated and printed at the end of every day.

The Year Map button is shown on the Reports screen after selecting the Daysheet report. The Year Map is a calendar of the current year (or the selected year).

The year can be changed at the top of the screen by clicking on the down arrow next to the Year field and selecting from a list of years.

  • The starting year listed will be one year before the earliest date for which totals are available.
  • The starting year can also be changed by using the Back and Next arrows shown on either side of the Year field.
  • MOGO will let you know if you select a year without data, or if there is nothing else to be displayed.

You can change to a fiscal year starting month for the Year Map by clicking on the down arrow next to January (which is the default) at the top of the screen and selecting a starting month.

The Daysheet Business Summary showing Month-to-Date and Year-to-Date totals will be shown at the bottom of the last page of your Daysheet if you are logged in as the Supervisor, or if you have been given “Supervisor rights”. These figures are always based on the calendar year, even if you have changed the Daysheet Year Map to a fiscal year.

Click here to learn about features in the Yearmap Buttons.

The colors on the Year Map are as follows:

Yellow – Daysheet has been generated and transactions are present.

Yellow XX – Daysheet was generated but there were no transactions (ex: office closed)

Red – Changes have been made to a previously generated Daysheet. Click here to learn more about Why the Year Map is Red.

Blue – Daysheet has never been generated and there are transactions present.

White XX – Daysheet has never been generated and there are no transactions.

The Year Map allows you to go back to previous years, generate a Daysheet directly from the Year Map, and access the Business Analysis and Graph.

It is important to view the Year Map and generate it as needed to ensure that reports, such as the Business Analysis Report, are balanced correctly.

If you make a change on a patient Transaction screen after generating a Daysheet, the Year Map will flag that day. For example, if you change a fee for a service after generating a Daysheet, the Year Map day will appear in red.

Changes made to the provider, completion date, or the fee will flag the Daysheet as having been modified. When payments are distributed to different providers, the Year Map will also be red.

Click here to learn more about Why the Year Map is Red.

Today’s date or the date you last selected will appear in dark blue on the Year Map.

You can generate one day at a time from the Year Map by double clicking on the day. After it generates, the Daysheet would be sent to the viewing screen.

If you need to generate for more than one day, you can close the Year Map screen to go back to the Reports area. You can then enter From and To dates.

Only the Supervisor can generate the Daysheet for more than two days at a time. In addition, only the Supervisor can generate the Deposit Slip for more than four days at a time.

The right side of the screen will also show who was logged into the computer when it was generated. The “Daysheet generated by” field is the name of the staff member who last generated any date (not the date you clicked on in the Year Map calendar). It will refresh again when the Daysheet is regenerated.

Log File

If you are logged in the Supervisor, there will be a Log File button at the bottom of the Year Map.

The Log File button is only shown if you are logged in as the “true” Supervisor. Supervisor equivalency does not provide access to the Log File.

Options on the menu bar in the Log File will allow you to resort and select display options. For example, you could display the Log File according to a specific date range. These options are also available in the right click menu.

For security purposes, the Log File cannot be printed.

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