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The Account Type field on the Patient Information screen  is optional. The Account Types used by MOGO are I=xx, N, S, L, and A.

  • An I=xx (xx=% annual interest) in this field allows you to apply annual interest or carrying charges to a patient’s overdue account, or to apply a monthly billing charge. Interest is then applied to patients from your Accounts Receivable Report before sending statements. The percentage of annual interest is up to you. Most offices will enter I=18 or I=12.
  • You can also use this field to avoid sending a statement to a patient by entering an N. This means “No Statement”.
  • You can send a separate statement to a family member by entering an S.
  • If you enter an L in the Account Type field, the patient will receive their receipt and statement in Spanish!
  • If you enter an A in their Account Type field, completely paid transactions and completely distributed payments will automatically be sent to History for this patient. They will be sent to History whenever you close their Transaction screen.

Tip: If you change the Account Type on a Family Head, MOGO will ask if you want to update other family members with the new Account Type. If any family member has an “S” (separate statement) in their Account Type, it will not change.

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