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Icons on the Electronic Claim View Window

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These are the icons found on the View E-Claims window:

  •  Open Claim Details
    • Opens the Claim Details window for the highlighted claim.
  •  Print Claim List
    • Prints the claim list for the tab you are on.
  •  Open Patient Information Screen
    • Opens the highlighted patient’s Information screen.
  •  Open Transaction Screen
    • Opens the highlighted patient’s Transaction screen.
  •  Purge Claim(s) to History
    • Sends the selected claim(s) to History.  This icon will be grayed out on the Not Sent, Sent to NEA, and History tabs.
  •  Delete Claim(s)
    • Deletes the selected claim(s).  This icon is grayed out on the Received by…, Approved, Rejected, and History tabs.
  •  Check NEA Attachment Requirement
    • Checks the selected claim to determine if an attachment is typically required for any treatment claimed.
  •  Send MOGO Image to NEA
    • Marks the claim to receive an attachment of an image found within the MOGO program.
  •  Attach Other Image thru NEA
    • Marks the claim to receive an attachment of an image found outside the MOGO program.
  •  Mark as Completed by NEA
    • Manually marks the claim to show an attachment has been done through the NEA FastAttach program.
  •  Exit
    • Closes the View E-Claims window.

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