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MOGO’s Automated Recovery System (MARS) {Server Based – Only}

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What would you do if suddenly at 3:00 in the afternoon, you were unable to access your computers? How would you know what your appointment schedule looked like for the next minute or day? Does just thinking about this scenario give you thoughts of early retirement?

MOGO’s Automated Recovery System (MARS™) provides your office with the peace of mind of knowing your appointment schedule is protected. MOGO understands that your practice depends on the security and dependability of your appointment schedule.

The establishment of a secure offsite server has allowed us to provide this optional service for our clients for a very nominal fee.

You can even access your data across the web with MOGO’s Online Login feature! Click the [Sign In] button on the Patient Lookup List to access your MARS® data.

You will enter your Account ID, Login Name and Password to sign in to the secure offsite server. Note: The login name must have rights to Access Web Data in order to access the MARS data. If the user has rights, the Account ID and Login Name information will be displayed in tool tips when you point your cursor to the “Sign In” link on the Patient Lookup List.

You can even login anywhere at anytime using your internet browser and Account ID to access your data! This allows you to review your schedule, contact patients, and enter Notes at your convenience.

Your appointment schedule is always up-to-date with the latest information which gives you the security of knowing your appointment data is safe, dependable, and available at any time.

After your office registers for the MARS service, you can specify your own backup schedule, or you can even start the backup manually. Our recommendation is that you automatically backup as changes are made to your appointment schedule.

This service provides the dependability of real-time backup within 5 minutes of the last appointment, and you can verify your data at any time.

Your appointment schedule will be backed up to our secure offsite data vault via the Internet based on your specific backup settings. You can rest assured that your appointment backup can only be accessed from your office location.

MARS is a safe, simple and fully automatic solution that’s truly out-of-this world!

MOGO’s Automated Recovery System (MARS™) is activated from Help on the menu bar on the Patient Lookup List.

You will see the MOGO Backup Service icon on the lower right corner of your Patient Lookup List. Point your cursor to this icon to see information regarding the number of appointments waiting to be backed up.

 This icon means that the Backup Service is successfully connected to our server.

 This icon means that the Backup Service is not connected to the Internet. You can click directly on this icon to connect or disconnect. You will also see a red “X” if you have closed the Backup Service.

The Backup Service is set up per computer, and it does not have to be activated on all computers. You can activated it on the server, and inactivate it on the other workstations.

Once MOGO’s Backup Service is activated, there will also be a  Backup Service icon on your Windows taskbar.

  • Point your cursor at this icon and a tool tips window will let you know if the backup is currently running on another computer in the office. The computer name, date, and time will be shown in the tool tips window.
  • The Backup Service icon is on your taskbar when MOGO starts. It automatically opens and closes with MOGO.

Right click on the  Backup Service icon to open the following menu:


To enter registration information for your office, as well as to select your Backup Schedule. You can go back to Settings at any time to change your Backup Schedule. The bottom right corner of this screen will contain the “Last Backup” date and time. There are three tabs at the top of this screen.

The Settings tab has the following options:

  • Automatically backup MOGO Windows as changes are made (recommended for broadband connections).
  • Automatically backup MOGO Windows every hour.
  • Automatically backup MOGO Windows on the schedule I specify. This setting allows you to select a specific day of the week and hour of day.
  • Do not backup automatically. I will start the backup manually (recommended for dial-up connections).

The Options tab has two “Automatic Start” options. If you do not mark one or both of these options, you will have to manually activate the Backup Service feature. By marking these options, the Backup Service will automatically be activated.

  • Start with Windows. MARS will automatically open when you login to the computer.
  • Start with MOGO Windows (recommended). The MARS icon will then be on the taskbar when MOGO starts. It will automatically open and close with MOGO.

The Registration tab contains fields for Practice Name, Address, and Contact information.

If your Settings are set for a scheduled or manual backup, a message will appear every hour that will let you know the number of appointments waiting to be backed up. The message is as follows:

“You have [x] appointments waiting to be backed up offsite. Click here to upload these appointments now.”

If the backup is set to automatic, the MARS status window will include the name of computer currently backing up. The MARS status window must be in full display mode to see the computer name. The message is as follows:

“Backup is currently running on another computer.” 

You can continue to work on the computer while the backup is in progress.

Backup Now

To start the manual backup if this option was selected in Settings. You can also select Backup Now from the View Backup screen.

 You can click on the Backup Service icon to backup now!

A red “X” through the Backup Service icon will be shown if you have lost your internet connection, or if you have turned off the Backup Service feature.

View Backup

There are two tabs on this screen for Not Backed Up Appointments and Backed Up Appointments. This is a quick way to see the status of your appointment backup. Click on the calendar icon to select a different date.

Your selected “Backup Schedule” will be shown at the bottom of this screen. Click on “Backup Schedule” to go to Settings.

The View Backup list is in the same format as MOGO’s Appointment Monitor. This will make it easy for you to see information such as phone numbers, medical alerts, and appointment providers.

  • Columns can be moved to a new position and they can be resized. The program will memorize your settings.
  • By default, the information will be sorted by time, then operatory.
  • There are icons in the toolbar to Print, Go Back One Day, Open Calendar, Go Forward One Day, Backup Now, Settings, and Refresh Current Date.
  • Click on the Refresh icon in the toolbar to update the current date.

Exit – To exit the Backup Service. The Backup Service icon at the bottom of the Patient Lookup List will be shown with a red “X” so that you know it is not connected to the Internet.

MOGO will let you know how many appointments are waiting to be backed up offsite when you exit the Backup Service. You will be asked “Do you want to upload these appointments now?”

If you close the Backup Service, you can activate it again under Help on the Patient Lookup List menu bar. You can also just click on the Backup Service icon to connect it to the Internet again.

Tip: It is not required to set up the backup on all workstations. You can set up the backup on the server and inactivate it on the workstations if you prefer. We recommend you mark the option to “Backup as changes are made”. Of course, the data that is backed up depends on when it was last updated on that computer.

The MARS status window can be minimized.  A “Minimize/Restore” button is on the MARS status window so that you can toggle between small and large display modes. The status window will be displayed in small mode (minimized) by default.

Note: You must still do your regular full daily backup of the entire mogowin folder.

Note: MOGO’s electronic features (including the MARS Backup) are only available on the two most current versions. For example, if the most recently released version of MOGO is Version 21, electronic features are only available on Versions 21 and 20.


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