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Do You Need Help?

MOGO offers over 15 hours of training videos available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

In the program, you can access the Help/FAQ page found in nearly every individual MOGO screen for FAQs and links to online help videos.

On, visit the Training Videos page for dozens of full feature training videos.

Within the MOGO program, MOGO gives you a tooltip popup feature to help guide you through the Patient Information and Transaction screens. When this feature is activated, a yellow popup box with brief instructions will follow your cursor as it moves through the fields on these screens.

  • On the Patient Information screen Tooltips can be activated under the View menu. Check off the option next to Show Tooltips to activate.
  • Tooltips can be deactivated in the exact same way.  Access the View menu and uncheck Show Tooltips.
  • Tooltips on the Patient Transaction screen are referred to as Shadow Help.
  • Shadow Help can be activated under the Help menu by checking off the option for Shadow Help.
  • Deactivating Shadow Help is done in the same way, access the Help menu and uncheck Shadow Help.
  • Tooltips and Shadow Help can be activated/deactivated for all patients from any patient’s Information or Transaction screen.  Activating/deactivating on one patient changes for all patients.

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