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Data Security


Your data is one of the most important assets in your dental practice. All of your patient scheduling, billing, and clinical information is stored either on your own internal server or on a Cloud server. Natural disasters, like the hurricanes that devastated Texas and are threatening the South East, are also a serious threat to your data.  We are here to help you prepare for any unexpected outages or disasters.


MOGO Cloud Users

Your data is stored in Microsoft Data Centers, off site.  None of your data is stored on your internal computers. This is an extra layer of protection for your business. If there is an unexpected outage or natural disaster your data is safely stored on the Cloud. You should enable your login rights so you can log into MOGO from any location. To install the MOGO Cloud on an offsite computer visit www.mogo.com/azsetup and follow the installation instructions. You will need your registered email address, user name, and password to log into MOGO.

MOGO Server (SQL) Users

First, make sure you have an updated backup of your data. If your data backup files are stored on an external hard drive, take this drive with you when you leave the office. Next, make sure your MARS backup is enabled and set to automatically run. This allows MGOO to store an extra copy of your data on our servers via the internet. You should also enable your login rights so you can have off site access to your MOGO data.

Whether you use the MOGO Cloud or MOGO Server, we can help answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact our Technical Support Department for assistance, support@mogo.com OR via telephone at 800-944-6646 option 1.

Referral Rewards Program


MOGO has introduced a brand new rewards program. Doctors, office staff, IT professionals, current MOGO users, non-MOGO users – it doesn’t matter, MOGO is offering a $500 referral reward.  What makes the Referral Rewards program so exceptional is that you don’t really have to do any work to receive the bonus.  The whole process is as Easy As 1-2-3!

Step 1: Send us your referral. Send MOGO your information and your referral’s information.  You can contact MOGO with the details, or use the handy online form found on the Referral page.

Step 2: MOGO’s Software Specialists take it from there. All contact, demos, trials and follow up will be handled by the MOGO family, so you can sit back and relax.

Step 3: You get paid! 30 days after your referral purchases MOGO you will receive $500.

That’s it. No, really. That’s it. The only thing you have to do is send us the information and wait for your reward.  Of course, there is an optional, but highly recommended fourth step:  Spend your reward on you!

To learn more about the Referral Rewards program and to submit referral information, visit the Referral page today!

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