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Office Setup

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Office Setup can only be accessed by the SUPERVISOR login.

Office Setup is accessed from the Patient Lookup List under the File menu.

The Office Setup screen is broken down into twelve sections:

Office – This is where you will set the practice provider, office time zone, allowing non-US zip codes, and edit multi-location information.

Patient –  Here you will select your defaults for creating new patient. Choose the default provider, account type, and medical alerts.  You can also set the Referral field as mandatory for all new patients here.

Insurance – Your defaults for insurance are set on this tab.  The automatic renewal date, annual coverage and deductible are set here. You can also choose the default coordination of benefits, the settings for using office fees, and how to calculate deductibles from this tab.

Distribution – Settings pertaining to distributions on the transaction screen are set on this tab.

Security – The default security settings for new login names are chosen on the Security tab.  For MOGO Cloud users, your settings for email notifications are also set here. You can choose to be notified about unauthorized login attempts, when remote computer commands are issued, and/or when discounts & adjustments are entered.

Program 1 – Program settings are broken up into two tabs, 1 and 2.  On Program 1, you will find settings for making screens initially read-only, closing inactive screens, and how to save QuickLetters to notes.

Program 2 – On the second program tab you have settings for how phone numbers are formatted in MOGO, settings for what is included on Route Slips, and how many days in the past deposit slips can be printed without SUPERVISOR rights.

HIPAA Regulation – Transactions and EMR notes can be locked for HIPAA compliance.  Each can be locked or not locked, and each can have it’s own time frame for locking.  MOGO saves the date and time of activation/deactivation of these locks for HIPAA compliance as well.

Est. Insurance – On the Est. Insurance tab, you can decide how remaining benefits are calculated and if credit balances are displayed on receipts/statements when insurance is pending.

Auto Tx. Fee Update – The settings for MOGO’s Auto Tx. Fee Update utility are found on this tab.

Message – Display settings for interoffice messaging are found on the Message tab.

eReminder – When using MOGO’s eReminder confirmation service, patients will see two different screens.  When they first get the eReminder and click on the link, they will see a page detailing the appointment and giving them the option to confirm.  After confirming, they see a second page confirming that they did confirm.  Both pages have a message that will display to the patient. Each message can be customized on the eReminder tab.  There is also a setting for Multi-Location offices that changes the information displayed on the eReminder pages.

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