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Patient Lookup List – File Menu

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File on the menu bar on the Patient Lookup List lists the following choices:

Login Name – To setup login names and passwords. The doctor can contact MOGO’s Support Department for information on setting up login names and passwords.

Office Setup – To go to Office Setup to customize defaults, distribution and insurance information for your office.

Practice Setup Wizard… – The Practice Setup Wizard is a quick way for new offices to enter their practice information and add providers and employees.

Recall Setup – To access your Recall Setup.

eReminder Setup – MOGO’s eReminders® is an automated system for sending text message appointment confirmations and reminders to your patients’ cell phone numbers or to their e-mail addresses. Recall reminders can also be sent via eReminders. Patient responses will be sent to your office throughout the day via e-mail.

Message List… – To enter Messages for receipts, insurance forms, and treatment plans.

Xray Interface Setup – To access the Setup screen for your Radiology Software. Special hardware is required.

Registration & License Information… – You must have Supervisor rights to access the license information for your office. This is the registered owner and license information. You will see this information when you open MOGO and it is also under Help/About MOGO. You can edit your office name, address, and phone number from this screen. The license number cannot be edited. Click “Accept” after making any changes, or click “Cancel” to close.

eSignature Office Setup – To setup documents to be signed and computers to accept eSignatures.

Computer Setup & Security… – View a list of all computers that have logged into your MOGO database. MOGO Cloud users can remotely log computers out and even shut MOGO down.

Printer Setup – Printer Setup allows you to set the default Paper Source for the printer. The Properties button on the Printer Setup screen will allow you to select a paper tray or to change the number of copies. If you change the Printer Setup from here, you are changing it for all documents that you print in the future! If you make a temporary change, be sure to change it back to the default.

Exit MOGO – To exit MOGO Windows. You can also click on the  icon at the top of the Patient Lookup List.

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