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Tips for the Transaction Merge Wizard

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The Transaction Merge Wizard will merge transactions from the Patient Transaction screen with a letter that you create in MOGO’s Word Processor.

Here are some helpful tips when using MOGO’s Transaction Merge Wizard:

  1. Remove any column by clicking in the column and then click on Table and Delete from the menu bar. Select on Delete Column.
  2. The table border and columns can be resize when you print the letter as a Quick Letter.
  3. Change the titles of headings in Step 1 of the Transaction Merge Wizard. Click one time to highlight “Header” title under 2)Selected fields. Click again one time to go to the editing mode. Retype your column title.
  4. You can create more than one Transaction Merge Wizard table within the same letter. For example, one table could show completed treatment and the other table could show incomplete treatment. There is a limit of five Transaction Merge Wizard tables in a document.
  5. The Transaction Merge Wizard table can be deleted from Table on the Word Processor menu bar and select Delete>Table, Column or Row.

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