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Editing an Existing Table

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The Transaction Merge Wizard will merge transactions from the Patient Transaction screen with a letter that you create in MOGO’s Word Processor.

After following Selecting Display Fields in Step 1, Select Criteria in Step 2, Setup Criteria in Step 3, and Format Display Step 4, you have completed the steps needed to create a table using MOGO’s Transaction Merge Wizard.

You can always go back and select or edit fields in the table. You can only edit this table by going back to the Transaction Merge Wizard by following these steps:

  • Click anywhere in the existing table.
  • Click on Tool and Transaction Merge Wizard from the menu bar.

You can now select, reselect, and edit the fields of information. Use the Next> and <Back buttons to move between screens. Click on the Finish button again when you are done.

To delete a Transaction Merge Wizard table:

Follow these steps to delete an existing table:

  • Click in the Transaction Merge Wizard table.
  • Go to Table on the Word Processor menu bar and select Delete>Table, Column or Row.
  • The Transaction Merge Wizard consists of two tables, so you will need to delete each table separately.

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