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Login as New User

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To login to MOGO as a new user you have three options.  You can close MOGO and reopen.  Upon reopening MOGO will ask for the user name and password.  As this is time consuming, MOGO has given you two other, much faster, options.  From the Patient Lookup List and the Office Flow you have an option under the Help menu for ‘Login as New User’. You can also use the keyboard shortcut of “CTRL+L” from anywhere within the MOGO program.  Either option will bring up the user name and password screen.

On the user name and password screen, a valid user name and corresponding password must be entered to access MOGO.  If a user name/password is not entered and you click Sign In MOGO will prompt a message that the login attempt failed.  If you click cancel on this screen the program will close.

This is the recommended method for locking the program without closing it completely.  MOGO also recommends that all staff members login under their own names and passwords for tracking purposes.

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