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Printing Receipts – Receipt Messages

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Adding Messages to Receipts will customize the Receipt for your office, and improve communication with your patients.

You can edit or add new messages to a database list of messages from the menu bar on the Patient Lookup List under File, Setup and Edit Message. You can also type a message to the patient without adding it to the database list.

The font size for messages on both statements and Receipts is set at 10 point font size for easy viewing.

Messages for the Office will print on all Receipts. Provider messages are entered for each doctor and will print on a Receipt automatically, depending on the provider that was entered in the Patient Information screen.

General messages can be selected individually when the Receipt is printed.

There are also Clinical messages available and these are very useful to keep patients informed of procedures. For example, a Clinical message for Endo would inform a patient of what to expect after endodontic procedures.

Service Code messages can be selected when the Receipt is printed. These messages are based on specific service codes that were entered on the patient’s Transaction screen. Multiple messages can be entered for each Service Code.

You can even mark selected patient Notes to print on a Receipt by marking “Print on Receipt” in the patient’s Notes screen. You can also mark “Always” or you can enter the number of times you would like the Note to print on the Receipt.

After you click on the  Receipt icon on the Transaction screen to print a Receipt you will then select General and Service Code messages. You can also edit these messages and add in personal messages.

  • Click on the Receipt icon and click in the check box next to Message Selection. This will cause the message list to open on the next screen.
  • Click in the gray multi-selection box to select a message.
  • The selected message will be shown in the white box at the bottom of the screen. These messages will be on the Receipt. You can edit the message if needed.
  • Click on the Save icon at the top of the Receipt window to save your Receipt message.

Note: If you edit a selected message and then select another message, MOGO will let you know that you should first select messages and then edit them as needed. You will also be given the option to replace the existing message with the new selection.

There are messages under the following categories:

  • General
    • You can add as many messages as you need to the General list. You can then just select the ones you need when you print a Receipt.
  • Office
    • This is a message for the office. There is only one Office message.
  • Provider
  • Clinical
    • There are 11 separate clinical message files available. The clinical message would relate to the category or type of procedure (i.e., restorative, preventive).
      • These messages are based on the Category column that was entered in the Service Code List. The categories are Diag, Endo, Implant, Ortho, Perio, Prev, Surgery, Gen-Serv Pros-Fix, Pros-Rem, NSF, Reimburse and Rest messages.
      • When a Receipt is printed the clinical message will automatically print if the transaction code that was entered on the Transaction screen has the corresponding Category!
  • Service Code
    • Multiple messages can be added for specific service codes under the Service Code Message folder. For example, you may want to have various messages for a restorative code based on whether the treatment was done on a molar or anterior tooth. You will select the ones you need when printing a Receipt.

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