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Quick Letter Features

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Any letter in the Word Processor can be instantly merged with a patient by printing it as a Quick Letter.

You will use Merge Fields in order to customize your Quick Letters for your patients and referrals.

There are many editing features available when you are viewing a Quick Letter.

The top of the viewing screen contains many of the same editing features that are available in the Word Processor. These features will allow you to change font, spacing, and format (e.g., left justified or centered). In addition, you can apply bold, italic and underline features from here.

Click with the right mouse anywhere on the viewing screen to open a popup menu of features. The following features are available in the popup menu:

  • Cut – to copy and delete the highlighted text.
  • Copy – to copy the highlighted text.
  • Paste – to paste text that has been cut or copied into the current cursor position.
  • Character – opens the Font window. You can select font, size, text color, background color, attributes (bold, italic, etc), and the position (sub/super script)
  • Paragraph – opens the Paragraph window. You can modify alignment/justification, indentation, text distances, add frames, and modify document background color.
  • Bullets and Numbering – opens the Bullets and Numbering window. You can choose the bullet/numbering style, formatting, specific bullet characters, and the starting number.
  • Styles – lets you choose from custom styles to apply to the highlighted text.
  • Insert – contains three options:
    • Table
      • Inserts a table into the document at the current cursor position
    • Image
      • Inserts an image into the document at the current cursor position
    • Text Frame
      • Inserts a text box into the document at the current cursor position

The toolbar at the top of the Quick Letter viewing screen contains the icons you will use for many features, such as Print, Save to Notes, and Preview.

Spell Checking is shown as an icon  at the top of the Quick Letter screen.

You can also send a Quick Letter via E-Mail to the patient or their pharmacy if you have been given rights by the Supervisor.

Tip: Use the User Defined Text Merge Field to open a text box when printing a Quick Letter. You can then type in personalized information where needed. You can add as many of these text boxes as you need. Just click [Cancel] when the text box opens if you decide not to enter customized information.

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