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How do I assign a Family Head?
Family Heads can be assigned in a few different ways. If you are on a patient’s Information Screen that needs to be put on someone else’s family, simply click on the box to the left of Family Head and search for the desired Head. If you are on the Family Head’s Information Screen and want to add a patient to their family you would click on the Family Table icon on the quick links bar. Once in the Family Table you can click on the New icon on the quick links bar to search for the patient you want added to this Family. To learn more about assigning family heads view the help video below.

How do I link Employer/Insurance Information?
Insurance information is linked to patients via their Employer. To link insurance to a patient without an employer currently listed simply click on the Edit Pencil icon and then click on the link button. Choose an employer from the list (or create a new one) and click OK. Any group plans already associated with that employer will be listed for you to choose from. Simply choose the plan and click ok. To learn more about linking Employer and Insurance information view the help video below.


How do I connect additional patients to this patient’s family table?
Adding a family member.
To add a new family member, first access the family table. You can do this using the Family Table icon from the menu bar, from the Patient menu, or by using the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+F”. From the Family Table, click on the “New Patient” button on the menu bar. This brings up the Name Search window. You can search for a patient by Last Name, First Name, Home Phone, Work Phone, or Social Security Number. You can also create a new patient by using the New button. Once you have located the desired patient and click OK, on the following window click the Add button to add the patient to the family table.
Linking patient for insurance purposes only.
There are instances when patients need to be linked solely for insurance coverage purposes. In this instance, MOGO gives you the ability to link the patients without combining them into one Family Table. The procedure for this starts exactly the same way as adding a family member. Launch the patient’s Family Table (using either the icon on the menu bar, going into the Patient menu, or by using the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+F”) and click on the “New Patient” button on the menu bar. Search for the insurance carrier’s name and once highlighted click OK. From the New Family Member window, click the Connect button. After clicking, select the appropriate insurance coverage level (primary, secondary, etc.) and select the insurance carrier’s name and relationship.

What information goes on the General tab?
The General tab houses information such as contact info (addresses and phone numbers) as well as the patient’s insurance info.

What information goes on the Advanced tab?
On the Advanced tab of the Information screen you can denote additional patient info, such as preferred pharmacy or primary physician. You can also use this tab for setting up things like printing statements in Spanish or sending separate statements for family members. This is also where you can access patient specific info that the system pre-fills, such as Next Statement Date and Recall information.

How do I enter additional contact information (other than home or work phone)?
In Version 17, the Patient Information screen was redesigned to make things easier to use. One advantage of the new screen is that additional contact information can be entered directly on the screen without having to click on anything separate. Simply click the Edit Pencil icon to enter edit mode, and enter the patient’s contact information in the applicable fields.

How do I flag this patient to receive a separate statement?
To send a separate statement enter an “S” in the Account Type field. This is useful when you send Family statements, but occasionally need to send a family member their own Statement.

Where do I add the subscriber’s ID for a non-patient?
For family members who are not patients, the subscriber ID can be added/modified from the Family Table. Access the Family table by clicking on the Family Table icon from the menu bar, from the Patient menu, or by using the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+F”. From the Family Table, highlight the Insurance Carrier’s name and at the bottom of the window you can add or edit the Patient ID field.

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