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Patient Lookup List – Print Menu

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Print on the menu bar on the Patient Lookup List has the following choices:

  • Quick Letter
    •  Print a Quick Letter for the highlighted patient. You can also use [Ctrl-Q] on the keyboard.
  • Quick Letter (Quick Access)
    •  Print a Quick Letter from your own user-defined database. This is a great way to keep track of the letters you use most often!
  • Print Letter from Buffer
    •  Print a letter that was sent to the Print Buffer.
  • Labels
    •  Print labels for the select patient(s). When you print labels, you can select from 2×10, 2×5, or 3×10 label sizes. Labels can be printed from many areas of MOGO, such as from Instant Recall and Power Sort Reports. However, labels are not saved to the patients’ Notes.
  • Envelope
    •  Print an envelope for the highlighted patient.
  • Route Slip
    •  Print the selected patient’s Route Slip.
  • Receipt
    •  Print a Receipt for the highlighted patient.
  • Family Ledger
    •  Print a Family Ledger. This will be a Patient Ledger only if the patient has no other family members attached.
  • Patient Notes
    •  Print out the selected patient’s Notes. You can select Document by, Category, and date range information before printing Notes.

More information on Print/Patient Notes:

If you select “All” under Document by, any Supervisor Notes within the date range will be included. You can also mark the box to “Include All Employees from Database”. The list will then include any deleted employees from your employee list in MOGO. You could then select the name of a deleted employee and print only those Notes.

If you mark the box to “Include All Employees from Database”, the Supervisor name will also be listed. You could then select the Supervisor and print only those Notes that were entered under the login name of Supervisor.

After the Note is printed, you can view the patient’s Note screen to see who was logged into the computer when the Note was printed and the Category of the Note.

The Power Sort Report allows you to create your own report using criteria based on Notes.

Notes can also be printed from the Recall, Refer In/Out, and Budget Plan tabs by printing the Document Summary.

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