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Patient Transaction Screen – Remaining Insurance Benefits

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The amount of remaining insurance benefits for this patient is shown next to the P (primary) and S (secondary) in the bottom right corner of the Transaction screen. This amount will change automatically as insurance payments are entered as the MOGO default. You can also enter a default in Office Setup under the Est.Ins. tab so that it will be adjusted as treatment is dated.

The example above indicates that the patient has remaining primary and secondary insurance benefits of $1000.00 each.

Note: The usual amount of individual benefits for the year along with the renewal date was entered when the employer/insurance/group number information was first entered in the system.

If you would like to change this amount you can do so at any time from the patient’s Transaction screen. For example, you may need to change this amount if the patient used some of his/her benefits at another dental office.

Double click on the dollar amount you would like to change (e.g., $1,000).

(Click image for full size)

The Patient Insurance Benefits screen will appear.

If remaining benefits are changed, it will save information in the patient’s Notes regarding the changes that were made as well as the date and login name.

The following information can be edited from this screen:

  • Remaining Ins. Benefits
  • Remaining Ins. Deductible
  • Year to Date Benefits Used

The individual yearly coverage and deductible will be shown at the bottom of this screen. This is the information pulled from the Group Plan information screen.

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