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The MOGO Cloud has reduced my overhead costs significantly by removing my server. I no longer have to pay for server maintenance or pay to have my server replaced. My staff and I can access MOGO from anywhere which makes it incredibly convenient to schedule patients over the weekend and when the office is closed.

John F. Kozal, DDS

I have lectured on technology and the use of computers in a dental office, at many local and national dental meetings. In my personal office, MOGO Dental Software has helped me seamlessly run my dental practice for the last 30 years…I have recently upgraded to the Mogo Cloud and found this to be a great money saver in regards to my hardware and IT services. The cloud which is controlled by Microsoft is HIPAA compliant and affords the most protection to our office data. It is secure against viruses, hackers and data corruption…I investigated the market for cloud software and I found that Mogo still has the most advanced and complete program. Since all modules (for example patient email, appointment notification and x-ray capture) are included with the basic program, there is no need for expensive add-ons. With the MOGO Cloud, it was one low monthly price without any additional cost and every advanced feature is included. I encourage other clinicians to take MOGO for a test drive, it will be worth your time.

Stephen Akseizer DDS, MAGD, Expert in High Tech Dentistry

Akseizer Dental

I been a customer for 20 years and very rarely had any problems with Mogo. It has been a reliable partner in my dental practice! But after an employee carelessly opened a malicious attachment in an email I found the real value of this software. It’s state of the art encryption protected all my data! Matt and the entire customer support team confidently lead me through this horrifying experience. This experience convinced me to switch to Mogo’s Cloud Based Program. WOW the transition was seamless,and was back in business in 1 day. Thank you MOGO!

Larry Rosenthal, DDS

Due to several improvements with the program we decided to renew our contract… WOW!! so, happy we did!! Matt was great walking us though the update and program as well as many of the customer support team. Thank you for being there at the right time!! We are now very satisfied with the software performance.

Shawnte Aflague, Front Office

Dentistry Today

MOGO is very flexible – works great with lots of other technologies, and [is] always incorporating new technologies into the program.

Brent J. Barta, DDS

West 10th Dental Group

MOGO is not as expensive as other brands.

Dyonne Bell, DMD

Bell's Dental Solutions, PA

I really appreciate the way they handled this, they were there for me the whole time. I would get updates a lot either via phone call or email, and they kept me pretty much in the loop of how things were progressing. Very professional! You guys give awesome customer service!!!!! This really proves that i made the right choice when i chose your Dental Software back in the year 2000! Now my software is running stable and great! my staff is happy, the Doctor is happy, and i am very happy! Thanks again! you guys are the best!

Martin Ramos

Upland Smile Center

As a MOGO user for over 20 years, two of the best applications in MOGO are the eEligibility and eReminders. The eReminders are the best. Patients like them because it is one less phone call they have to answer, and they can respond in a timely fashion. In our office, we send eReminders instead of recall post cards or letters as well as the appointment confirmation…both features are a time and cost saving system. I highly recommend that all offices use this application in MOGO. Once you try it, you will love it!

Carol & Ronald Treiber, DDS

Deerfield IL

I have been using MOGO in my periodontal practice for almost 20 years. From my teaching responsibilities at UMKC School of Dentistry, I’ve become very familiar with most of the other major practice management software programs and I have never been tempted to switch. MOGO combines an excellent product with unmatched technical and sales support, reasonable pricing, a synergistic relationship with their client-doctors, and it remains the most intuitively easy to operate software on the market. I recommend it highly to everyone, especially my students. If you want to optimize the management of your dental practice, you won’t be disappointed with MOGO.

David J. Thein, DDS, MSD / Periodontal Care

Kansas City, MO

Stress free thanks to Lindsey, she made everything easy and gave me the confidence to update in the future.

Ken Brust, DDS

Hesperia Dental Center

The MOGO eStatement feature is one of the best tools available. The setup to use this feature was stream-lined and fairly painless, but the end result was to immediately realize benefits of reduced overhead. Instead of paying full price for mailing, I now pay a reduced postage fee. All aspects of handling statement paper and envelopes (ordering, stocking and cost) vanished. Our staff can now focus on systems and ideas that can improve our productivity and customer service. Our average cost of producing a statement dropped from $1.76 to .66 each. It’s fast, accurate and easy. Thanks MOGO!

Cheryl & Fred Renfro, Jr., DDS

Decatur, TX

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