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Information To Enter First

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Before you start using MOGO, you will first enter your Providers. The list of providers will contain only those providers that you need to track for production or collection purposes. This is generally your doctors and hygienists.

The information that you enter for the provider will appear on statements, receipts, and insurance forms. For example, the address that you enter as the employer address will appear at the top of your receipts. The license number for each individual provider will be shown on insurance forms.

To add your providers:

  • Access the Provider List from the GoTo menu on the Patient Lookup List.
  • Click on the New Icon.
  • Enter the First and Last name of the provider and click the magnifying glass or hit [Enter] on your keyboard.
    • If the name does not match any record in MOGO the middle section will display a ‘No matched person found in database…’ message.
      • To continue click on the Create New… button.
    • If MOGO finds a record with the same name anywhere in the database it will display it on the Matched Person List.
      • If the record displayed is indeed the same as the provider you were trying to enter, highlight the record and click on the Select… button.
      • If the displayed record is not the same as the provider you are trying to enter, click on the Create New… button.
  • Enter all of the appropriate information for the provider and click OK to save them to the Provider List.

Creating a new provider will add their name to your Employee List as well.  Keep in mind, you cannot delete a provider that is selected as the Practice or Default Provider in Office Setup. You must change the provider in Office Setup before you can delete them.  Likewise, you cannot delete any employee from the Employee List that is also on the Provider List. You need to delete them from the Provider List first and then they can be deleted on the Employee List.

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