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Distributing an Insurance Overpayment

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You have the option to distribute an insurance overpayment to the patient balance. An insurance overpayment appears on the Patient Transaction screen in green since it has only been partially distributed.

When you double click to distribute the insurance overpayment, MOGO will ask the following question:

“This insurance payment has already been partially distributed. Would you like to link this insurance overpayment to the patient’s balance instead of the insurance balance?” Click on [Yes].

The Payment Distribution window that opens will now list any treatment that has a patient portion due. You can now distribute the insurance overpayment to patient portions. You can also mark the box “Show Family Members” if you would like to distribute the overpayment to family members.

If you answer [No] to this question, the Payment Distribution window that opens will list any other treatment that has insurance pending.

Note: Since it is an insurance overpayment, you will receive this question even if there are other treatments on the Transaction screen with insurance pending.

If you receive an insurance payment and there is no treatment with insurance pending, you can distribute it the patient portion that is due.

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