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 Any letter in the Word Processor can be instantly merged with a patient by printing it as a Quick Letter. You can also review and edit the letter on the screen before sending it to the printer! You can even access editing features from a toolbar, such as font size or bold type, for example.

You will use Merge Fields in order to customize your Quick Letters for your patients and referrals.

Spell Checking is shown as  an icon at the top of the Quick Letter screen.

After selecting the file name from the File Selection window, you can click with the right mouse anywhere on the screen to open a popup menu of choices. This menu will allow you to copy and paste, as well as to Insert a Page Break.

A list of your favorite Quick Letters can be accessed from the menu bar on the Patient Lookup List under Print and Quick Letter (Quick Access).

The patient Notes screen will automatically document the date, time, and login name of the person who printed the letter. In addition, the entire letter can be viewed at any time under the category of Letters in the patient’s Notes.

Tip #1: If you do not want to save a specific document to the patient Notes, go to the Word Processor and enter the following in the keyword field in Document Information: QLetNoSave (this is not case sensitive).

Tip #2: MOGO will always check the size of any document before saving to Notes. Saving very large documents can result in running out of hard drive space and it can affect the overall performance of your program. If the document size is greater than 200K, you will receive a message after the document is printed with the following choices:

  • [Save] – to save the document (to Notes)
  • [Text Only] – to save text only (takes less hard drive space)
  • [Cancel] – to skip (document will not save to Notes)

Selecting a Quick Letter
Editing a Quick Letter
Sending a Quick Letter to the Printer
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