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Patient Information Screen – Referral Source

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Referrals are entered on the Patient Information screen.

One of the best and most inexpensive ways of marketing is through your referrals. Patients, referring dentists, and advertising are all considered referral sources.

MOGO will track all referral sources for your patients. You can select referrals from the existing database and you can edit or delete referral sources.

By entering referral sources on each Patient Information screen you will then have the ability to sort for referrals and generate a Referral Summary Report. Referral Summary reports will track the dollar amount of complete treatment and treatment plans.

Referral sources can be selected from the database list or you can type directly on the Referred By field.

An entire database list can be printed out by clicking on the Print icon at the top of the database list.

Referral Source can also be set as a required field when creating new patients. To enable this setting, access the Patient tab of Office Setup and check the box next to “Referral source must be entered for new patients”.

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