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Family Table – New Family Member

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You can add a new family member to this family directly from the Family Table. MOGO will even fill in the address and phone numbers for you!

In addition, you can connect non-family members to the Family Table so that you can link insurance coverage.

You will use the  New icon at the top of the Family Table for both of these features. Tip: Point to any icon and a popup window will describe that icon!

To select a new family member:

  • Click on the New icon. The patient search window will open.
  • Select the name of the new family member and click [OK].
  • If the new family member is an insurance provider, MOGO will inform you that they can be added to the family as member or simply be connected for insurance purposes. By clicking Yes, the patient will be added as a member of the family. If you click No, that patient’s insurance will be available to be assigned to members of the family but they will not be a member themselves. This means their information will not show on statements or receipts but that their coverage will be available.
    • For example: parents who are separated but are both patients can be kept on different family tables, but their insurance can cover the children. If the mother’s family table includes the children, and the father provides insurance coverage for the kids but will not be receiving statements or receipts, the father can be added to the mother’s family table for insurance purposes only.
  • You will receive a message if they are a member of another family. MOGO will say, “Would you like to detach [Name] from [Family Head Name] family?” You can click on [Yes] to continue.
  • If the person is a Family Head for another family, MOGO will say, “[Name] is a family head. Please detach family members first from family table.” In other words, you would need to go to their existing Family Table and reassign the family head to someone else. This is because every Family Table can only have one family head.
  • If the person is an insurance holder in their family, you will be asked “Do you want to remove this person’s insurance coverage from the remaining family members?” You can click on [Yes] to remove the insurance coverage from their remaining family members. You can click on [No] if you do not want to affect the existing insurance coverage for their remaining family members.
  • You will also be asked if you want the new family member to use the home Contact information from the family head. You can click on either [Yes] or [No].
  • This person’s name will be added to the Family Table under the Member column at the top. They are now a member of this family.
  • You can then assign insurance coverage as usual through the Insurance Coverage window at the bottom.

When you connect a non-family member for insurance purposes, MOGO will save information in the patient’s Notes. You can view Notes to see the login name of the user, the date and time, as well as insurance information that was connected.

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