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When you view Notes, you can first select the cabinet and folder for the Notes you would like to view.

Printing a Note on a Statement is a great way for your collections manager to communicate effectively with patients, as well as to personalize your Statements for specific patients.

You can mark any Note that you would like to print on a patient’s Statement by marking “Print on Statement”.

This is feature available from the patient’s Notes screen. You can select from “Always” so that it will continue to print on their Statements, or you can select the number of times you would like it to print.

You must have rights to “Edit Existing Comments” when Passwords and login names are set up in order to mark “Print on Statement”.

For example, enter a Note for a patient such as “Per our conversation, your payment of $50.00 is now due. Thank you”. Click in the box “Print on Statement”. If you do not want this Note to continue to appear on a Statement, select the number of times you would like it to print.

When you print a Statement, the patient’s Notes will show the date and time the Statement printed, as well as the login name of the user. In addition, the balance information that appeared on the Statement will be shown, including the total balance, aging of the balance, and insurance pending amount.

When Statements are printed, they are saved in the Patient cabinet, Comment folder and Statement sub-folder.

The Statement sub-folder is marked as a  program-defined locked folder. You cannot move Notes to or from program-defined folders.

If a family member was excluded because of an “S” in their Account Type field, their name will also be shown. This will be a convenient way to quickly review a patient’s past Statement with them!

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