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The Word Processor icon is shown on the Patient Lookup List. It is under Documents on the menu bar in the Patient Information screen or Patient Transaction screen.

Font style can be selected before starting to type, or you can highlight text and apply a font style to the selected text only.

The following features are under Format in the menu bar:

  • Character… – This will open the Font window to select Font, Size, Attributes (Normal, Bold, Italic, Strike out, and Underline), Position (Normal, Superscript, and Subscript), and Color (for both Text and Text Background).
  • Paragraph… – This will open the Paragraph window to select Line spacing, Alignment (left, right, centered, justified), Indents (left, right, and first line inches), and Distances (top and bottom inches).
  • Bullets and Numbering – There is a sub-menu under this option for Attributes (Bullet character, Number format, and Formatting), Increase Level (moves position one level to the right), Decrease Level (moves position one level to the left), Bullet styles (e.g., 1,2,3 or a,b,c), and Bullets (to insert a bulletin at the cursor position).
  • Styles… – The Style list that opens will contain “Normal” as the default. Click on the New button to add to the Style list for this document. Note: Styles can only be set up for the current document. They are not saved for the next document.
    • To apply a style, first highlight the text.
    • Then select the style from the drop-down list in the button bar at the top of the Word Processor.
  • Headers and Footers… – If you have activated “Headers and Footers” under View on the menu bar, the Header Settings window will allow you to enter the “Distance from page border” in millimeters for both the Header and the Footer. There are two other options on this screen:
    • First page different
    • Remove header and footer
  • Columns – Opens the Columns window.
  • Page Borders – Opens the Page Setup window.
  • Tabs… – The Tabs window will contain Tab stop position, Alignment (left, center, right, decimal in inches), and Right most tab. There is also a button in the toolbar for setting tabs.
  • Image… – If you have inserted an image (under Image on the menu bar), you can format the image from this option. You will first select the image.
  • Text Frame… – If you have inserted a Text Frame (under Insert on the menu bar), you can then set up Text Frame Attributes from this option. You can select Layout and Position, Size and Distance, as well as Frame and Color. You will first select the text frame by clicking on the line markers. Tip: You can also right click on a text frame to select Format Text Frame.
  • Shape… – Opens the Drawing Layout window where you can format your inserted shape.
  • Document Background Color… – To select color the background for the entire document.

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