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Patient Information Screen – Go To Menu

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Go To on the menu bar has the following options:

  • To Do List
    •  Accesses the tracking and follow up list. [Ctrl-F1] from the keyboard can also be used.
  • Imaging
    • Launches intra-oral or video imaging.
  • X-Ray
    • Launches digital radiography for this patient.
  • Phone Book
    •  Accesses home, business, and insurance phone numbers for the patient, as well as for their family head, physician, and referral. The Phone Book icon is available in many areas of the program.
  • Calculator
    •  Accesses the Windows calculator.
  • Primary Insurance Plan
    •  Accesses the patient’s primary Insurance Plan.
  • Secondary Insurance Plan
    •  Accesses the patient’s secondary Insurance Plan.

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