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Family Table – Reassigning the Family Head

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You will use the Reassign Family Head    icon at the top of the Family Table in order to reassign the Family Head. Tip: Point to any icon and a popup window will describe that icon!

The Family Head is the person who will receive the statement.

Note: Reassigning the Family Head is useful when the Family Head was entered only for insurance purposes and you would like to change the Family Head to the patient name.

  • Click under the “Member” column to select the name of the family member that you would like to assign as the new Family Head.
  • Click on the Reassign Family Head icon.
  • You will be told “[Name] will be assigned as Family Head for all family members. Are you sure you want to reassign the Family Head?”. Click on Yes.
  • The new Family Head name will now be at the top of the Family Table in the blue title bar. Tip: To refresh the Family Table, close it and open it again!

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