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Patient Lookup List – Documents Menu

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Documents on the menu bar on the Patient Lookup List has the following choices:

  • View Notes
    •  Access the patient’s Notes screen. You can also enter new Notes from here.
  • Enter Notes
    •  Add new patient Notes. This will open a New Notes screen.
  • View Clinical Chart
    •  Open Clinical Notes to view all the patient’s Clinical Notes on one screen. You cannot print or edit these Notes and you cannot select a date range; it is just for viewing purposes. Click on the Options icon on this screen to select the Display Categories and Documented by options. Click here for more information about the Clinical Chart Notes.
  • Word Processor
    •  Go to MOGO’s Word Processor.
  • EMR Template Editor
    •  Edit the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) database. Rights to access EMR can be set up by the Supervisor under Setup Login Names.
  • Document Quick Report Processor
    • . Rights to access the Quick Report Processor (QRP) can be set up by the Supervisor under Setup Login Names.
  • Document Clinical Exam
    •  Access the TMD module. You must have the TMD module in order to access this feature.
  • Incomplete Quick Report Processor
    • This will allow you to view a list of incomplete QRP documents. The patient name and the title of the document will be shown here, along with the date and time of the incomplete documentation.
  • View Clinical Database
    •  View the Clinical History for the selected patient. This is a combination of both TMD documentation and selected CDS databases. For example, you can quickly use this to review blood pressure or periodontal progress that was documented for the patient using CDS. The Clinical Database will show only those CDS selections that have database titles ending with a “&” symbol.
  • View Clinical Notes
    •  Allows you to view and print TMD, CDS, and QRP Notes within a specified date range. Click on the calendar icon to enter a date range. These Clinical Notes can be printed for the selected patient. This feature is very similar to the Print Patient Notes feature, except that it will only contain Clinical Notes.

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