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The Word Processor icon is shown on the Patient Lookup List. It is under Documents on the menu bar in the Patient Information screen or Patient Transaction screen.

When you open a document in the Word Processor, or when you print Quick Letters, the File Selection window will open. You can just double click to select the document you need.

The default path will always start in the WP folder. If you save a document in a folder that is not under the WP folder, a message will let you know that “You are saving outside of MOGO.”

You can search for a filename when the File Selection window opens by typing a few characters from the filename. Tip: If you type the characters within one second of each other, the program will search for this string of characters. If you pause between typing characters, the program will search separately for each character.

  • Just click anywhere in the File Selection window first (so that the focus is on the File Selection window), and then type a few characters of the filename. You can also use the arrow keys in the scroll bar to locate the filename. The selected filename will appear in the “File name” text box.
  • You can also type a few characters in the “File name” text box at the bottom of the list. A drop-down list will open so that you can select the file you need.

The “Files of type” box will default to Rich Text Format (RTF). All MOGO letters are RTF files.

  • Click on the arrow in the “Files of type” box to select from .TXT, .DOC, .HTML, .HTM, or .PDF formats.
  • Changing the type of file will allow you select a Microsoft Word® document.

Note: Merge fields can only be used with MOGO documents.

You can resize the File Selection window by pointing your cursor to the border and clicking and dragging. Tip: When the cursor changes to a double arrow, you can click and drag!

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