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Printing a Single Treatment Plan

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To print out a Treatment Plan with all treatment listed together as part of one plan, follow these steps:

  • Enter undated treatment on the patient Transaction screen.
  • Enter a letter under the Plan/Phase column for each line of treatment that is to be on this Treatment Plan, for example ‘A‘. This will designated that this treatment is all grouped together under Plan ‘A‘.
  • Click on Print on the menu bar.
  • Click on Treatment Plan. The Print Treatment Plan window will open.
  • Enter the plan letter, for our example ‘A‘ in the Treatment Plan number box.
  • Click OK.

You can also enter Plan/Phase numbers by using the  Treatment Plan icon on the Transaction screen:

  • Select the treatment by clicking in the multi-selection boxes on the Transaction screen.
  • Click on the  icon in the toolbar.
  • Enter the Plan/Phase number in the window for the selected treatment. Click [OK].

You can customize Treatment Plans to include itemized fees, phase totals, and grand totals. In addition, options such as “Include Estimated Insurance” and “Include Tooth Description” can be selected when printing the Treatment Plans.

Treatment Plan messages are saved in the patient’s Notes for future reference.

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