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A tab stop can be used to achieve many different goals. There are five different types of tabs in MOGO’s Word Processor:

  1. Left tab
  2. Right tab
  3. Centered tab
  4. Decimal tab
  5. Right most tab

The first three tab types are commonly used. But the other two types are very interesting and can be used in a wide number of applications.

A decimal tab can be used to display decimals, such as in currencies (e.g., $2000.00). In this case, the dot between the dollars and cents is positioned at the tab stop.

The right most tab is ideally suited to positioning a date in a letter at the upper right corner. The content will be automatically right aligned.

You can set tab positions through Format and Tabs on the menu bar. There is also a  Tab button in the toolbar.

Whenever you press the Tab key the cursor will move to the tab that has been set. A paragraph can contain 14 tab stops.

Tab alignment can be set for Left, Right, Center, Decimal, and Right Most Tab. Note: Right Most Tab is a checkbox.

To set up tabs using the  button in the toolbar:

  • Click one time on the button to activate. This appearance of the button will change each time you click on it.
  • The icon will be shown on the far left side of the ruler.
  • Click in the white area on the ruler to set the tab position. You will now see the same tab symbol on the ruler.
  • If it is not in the correct position on the ruler, you can click and drag it. As you move the tab marker, you can see the exact numbered position on the far left side of the ruler.
  • To remove a tab marker, just drag and drop it off the ruler.

Tip: You can make your tabs visible in the document by clicking on Options on the menu bar and selecting Control Characters Visible.

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