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Recall Settings (FAQ)

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What settings are found on the Recall Settings window?
On the Recall Settings window, there are three settings to look at. The first is in regards to printing recall cards. When you print the cards, you have the option of printing a return address on them. If you choose to do so, you also can choose which address to use: the provider address, practice address, or (if you are multi location) the location address. You also have the option to automate your recall eReminders. This setting applies to all recall lists, so you do not have to set this for each list. Finally, you must determine when your recall eReminders will be generated and sent to your patients. Keep in mind that in order for the eReminders to be automatically sent to patients MOGO must be running on at least one computer during the hours you specify. Also, the hours for recall eReminders will be the same as regular appointment eReminders, so changing the setting here will change the setting in the eReminder setup.

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