Your dental practice software server isn’t connecting to your network. Now you can’t access patient records, your appointment book and you can’t use your digital imaging system.
Your stomach drops as you realize that your IT company is closed for another two hours.  There goes an entire day of productivity meaning an entire day of revenue.

Unfortunately, many dentists can relate to this scenario.

It’s high time to seriously consider chucking that outdated server and moving into the new age with cloud-based dental software.

Seems like a no-brainer, right?

So, what is holding the majority of dental professionals back from cloud computing?  Security!

When it comes to storing your sensitive data, the one word dentists think of is ‘security’.

Let’s face it, your dental software stores all of the crucial information needed to operate your dental practice— your patient database is the heart of your practice.

There are two ways to power your dental practice software and store your data; server-based and cloud-based.

The Disadvantages of Server Based Dental Software

For years, dentists have been storing their data on an internal server.  A server-based environment poses many risks such as ransom ware, virus attacks, natural disasters and burglaries; which, by the way, are all on the rise.

When your data is stored locally on your server, it leaves you vulnerable to these risks and many more.

Cloud-based dental software minimizes these risks and keeps your data safe and secure.

The Advantages of Cloud-Based Dental Software

Cloud-based environments utilize more complex security methods than the average person can create, giving stored data an added level of protection.

The cloud helps keep your data safe from local risks, such as natural disasters, ransomware, and burglaries, by storing it on an external server through the internet.  MOGO utilizes the Microsoft Azure Cloud as a host for data storage.  This means that Microsoft’s industry-leading technology has your data stored and protected on their servers.  If an employee accidentally downloads a virus, your patients’ information will not be vulnerable, because it is not stored locally.

Despite the safeguards against location-sensitive, server-based attacks, many dentists shy away from the cloud due to fears about online data security and HIPAA compliance.
When you store through cloud-based servers, you put their expertise and time to work guarding your data, instead of merely relying on your own understanding of your server’s security. Why go it alone when you can have the minds at Microsoft at your back?

Patient data security is no laughing matter, so do away with vulnerable, impractical servers, and embrace the cloud with a smile.

Check out the many benefits MOGO Cloud offers your dental practice and schedule a free demo.


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