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Complete Dental Practice Management Software

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  • Version 18

    Version 18 is now in development. It will contain the following new features and enhancements.

  • Dashboard

    The MOGO Dashboard will be a launching point for your MOGO experience. Access important office information, such as daily appointments, up to the minute production/collection reporting, eClaim statuses, and much more - all from one centralized location!.

  • CDS = EMR

    MOGO's ultra-powerful Clinical Documentation System (CDS) will be revamped in Version 18 as Electronic Medical Records (EMR), giving you a more powerful and user-friendly tool for charting your treatment.

  • MOGO Imaging

    Eliminate the need for high priced and difficult to use imaging programs. MOGO Version 18 will feature a more powerful imaging system, solving all your xray needs!

Latest news

  • 10/17/2014

    ePrescription Requirement

    New York doctors will be required to submit all prescriptions for controlled and non-controlled substances electronically effective March 27, 2015. MOGO is already prepared for this requirement, thanks to our partnership with DoseSpot.
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  • 10/14/2014

    Version 18

    MOGO has officially started development on Version 18 of the MOGO Windows program. Several new features and enhancements are being added to the program. As always with new versions, Version 18 is expected to be released this spring.
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  • 10/13/2014

    Thank You!

    From October 9th through the 11th MOGO showed off the Cloud to existing users and prospective clients at the ADA 2014 Meeting in San Antonio. We would like to send out a tremendous Thank You! to everyone who came by to see the Cloud in action.
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