Cost & Comparisons
Beyond a better price… you’ll find better everything.

The greatest asset for an improved practice is also the most affordable. (And simply easy-peasy.)

What’s the right software for your office? Certainly comparing features (have we mentioned, we have them all included?) and costs are key. And while MOGO compares the most favorably on both these fronts, here are a few additional areas we think you’ll agree are also pretty important:

Ease and Cost of Conversion

Upgrading from other software?  We can help with that. Our in-house technical whizzes will evaluate your current database at no cost and provide a Guarantee of Conversion prior to you purchasing MOGO software. You have no costs or commitments to move forward unless you’re fully satisfied with our guarantee.

Ease of Integration and Direct Interfaces

MOGO has direct interfaces with many popular Imaging Systems, enabling automatic capture and filing of images and x-rays directly into your MOGO Software. It’s easy, fool-proof, and eliminates the need for third-party Imaging Software.

Following are a few of the Imaging Systems MOGO software interfaces with:

  • Suni Imaging
  • EVA
  • Sirona Sidexis
  • Gendex
  • DenOptix
  • Schick CDR
  • Schick 33/Elite
  • Air Techniques
  • XDR Sensors
As well as the following Bridges:
  • Dexis
  • Dicom Imaging
  • Dimaxis
  • Planmeca
  • Dr. SUNI
  • Gendex
  • Image F/X
  • MediaDent
  • OrthoCAD
  • Vixwin Platinum
  • Patterson Imaging
  • Vatech
  • Professional SUNI
  • ProImage
  • Schick
  • Sidexis
  • TigerView Classic/Pro
  • Trophy
  • Vipersoft
  • CliniVision

Technical Support

With MOGO Cloud, you have access to unlimited tech support. If you and your staff have any questions while using the software, just call or email and we’ll guide you through. That said, you’ll find our software very user-friendly, with little need for assistance. When you do need us, though, it’s great to know the MOGO technical support team recently topped Clinicians Report™ survey, rated the highest in customer support in the dental software industry. Want to know why? Read the rave reviews from other dentists and specialists using MOGO.

We listen. We build. You conquer.  It’s simple. Go MOGO.

Training and Ease of Use

Your staff is expert at what they do. So we’ve made sure our software is easy and intuitive to use to support them as they stay focused on what they do best. As comfort level grows and more features and functions are utilized by your staff—the more efficient (and profitable) your practice can become. (We think your staff and patients will be happier too. Group hug.)

MOGO provides training that suits your preferences.

Online Training

You choose the topics and features, and our Senior Trainers will create a training outline specific to you, with personal, customized online training at your convenience. (Hourly training fee applies.)

Custom Workshops

For face-to-face or group training, we invite customers to our main office location (in the friendly Chicago ‘burb of Westmont).  We’re set up with a large screen training facility, and provide classroom training in half day or full day blocks.  A MOGO team member will help coordinate a training outline, pricing and logistics.

Training Videos

Browse our online video library and pick up MOGO software tips in the comfort of your home or office. Training videos are also embedded throughout the MOGO software by clicking the help button and watching a short, on-the-spot video.

Hardware: Cost of PCs vs. Macs

Unless you’re holding digital painting classes after hours (and we have no reason to think you are), a PC is brilliant for housing your dental practice management software. In fact, PCs make total sense—they’re generally hundreds of dollars less per station than a comparable Mac, and they don’t sacrifice speed or memory in exchange for lower costs. With MOGO, you can set up more stations for less—having all the touchpoints needed throughout your office—and throughout your process—for ease and convenience. (Kinda like savings on top of savings.)

Patient Forms Integration

MOGO enables you to provide your patients with access to easy online patient forms that will automatically populate information provided directly from new and current patients into their profiles within your MOGO software program. How easy is that? No printing. No paperwork. No data entry. Just give patients the code we provide you, and they can fill out online forms including Patient Registration, Medical History, and an Appointment Request form.


MOGO Cloud Dental Practice Management Software is available at $250 a month

  • Everything (all modules, features and functions) included
  • Numerous Multi-user licenses available*
  • Unlimited tech support included
  • Free Version upgrades
  • Data storage on Microsoft Azure: Cloud Computing Platform
  • Full access to all training videos

*MOGO Cloud is also ideal for multiple office locations. Talk to us for special multiple-location pricing.

Every feature included in one affordable package.

MOGO: The most satisfied users. The best value.

MOGO software is the most comprehensive on the market, and includes all features and functions in one easy price.
Take a look at how MOGO compared to other programs on the 2017 Clinicians Report.

“MOGO combines an excellent product with unmatched technical and sales support, it remains the most intuitively easy to operate software on the market.”
– David J. Thein, DDS, MSD / Periodontal Care Kansas City, MO

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