About MOGO
Dedicated exclusively to the dental industry since 1983.

Continually evolving dental practice management software based on collaborative input from dentists and specialists like you…

Continually evolving since 1983

MOGO built one of the first PC-based dental software applications back in the 80s (when big hair was the fashion and Cyndi Lauper just wanted to have fun). No tune playing in your head? Then you know that’s a long time ago. Throughout those years and ongoing, MOGO has continually refined, enhanced and added to its incredible software, establishing itself as a pioneer and leader in many areas of dental practice management software.

. . . and staying the same

While we continue to evolve with technology and dental office needs, the core of MOGO remains steadfast. We remain a caring, quality partner for your practice, owned by the original founder, Ming Wu. Ming’s entire career is within the dental industry, enjoying hundreds of connections with specialists and general dentists, and spending his career in service to those in the profession.

Further, we have much of our core group we started with, and we’ve always collaborated closely with the dentist and specialists using our software so we can thoroughly understand and create business solutions specific to their needs and yours. That’s how we’ve always operated, and how we’ll continue to operate in order to evolve our software to meet and exceed your needs.

We are Ming, Julie, Jon, Mary, and an amazing support and technical team with a deep commitment to your success. We have a long history at MOGO, and unwavering resolve to provide you the best in dental practice management software.

Many of our software competitors are funded start-ups with the inherent challenges and questions that come with new ventures (not to mention they don’t appreciate 80s music, so they weren’t around way back and don’t have the same proven staying-power). MOGO has the history and rich industry knowledge, and more importantly, all the software you’ll need now and for your future.

The MOGO technical support team recently topped an independent consumer survey, rated the highest in customer support in the dental software industry.

More cool things. . .

MOGO provides the most comprehensive, feature and function-packed, all-in-one software to meet every need and nuance for today’s General Dentists and specialists, including Orthodontists, Oral Surgeons, Periodontists, Endodontists, and Pediatric Dentists.

MOGO Cloud is the only leading dental software secured with Microsoft Cloud, for today’s most-powerful and HIPAA-compliant protection and security. The flexibility of the Microsoft Cloud is preferred by multi-location practices due to the seamless fluidity of information and security across offices.

We continue to invest in research, programming and development, and highly-trained customer and technical support to ensure we’re providing you the most advanced Dental Practice Management software available in a reliable, friendly, and affordable manner.

Thanks for the collaborative teamwork! And keep the requests coming. We’re committed to ongoing solutions made just for your needs.

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