The MOGO Cloud has the features you need for successful practice.

Dental Management Software is not only a financial investment; it is an investment in your administrative staff, patients and clinical staff. Features within MOGO Cloud Dental Software are developed to aid in the management of the office, records, communication and financial reporting. 

Paperless Practice

MOGO Cloud dental software has features built in to help you either transition to a paperless practice or to continue to function in a paperless setting. MOGO Cloud dental software supports electronic documents, capturing electronic signatures, and electronic patient and clinical notes. It is well worth the time to get these set up and take advantage of the benefits moving forward.

Scanning in documents alleviates the need for paper storage. If you receive insurance documents (EOBs), Referral Information, and/or Lab information via paper, make sure you store these scanned documents in MOGO’s imaging cabinet 

Capturing electronic signatures in MOGO Cloud dental software is a piece of cake! MOGO captures a legally binding signature. The eSignature feature stores and encrypts the contents of any document including eSignatures. This is convenient in that you can create customized legally binding documents such as for a patient treatment plan or consent forms. After clinical documentation has been inputted into MOGO, the program allows you to also obtain an electronic signature from the provider.

Office Maintenance and Organization

Keeping your office maintenance and organization is a must to run a well-oiled dental practice. MOGO can assist you in scheduling office maintenance and keeping organized with activities such as ordering supplies. The ‘To Do’ List is where these tasks can be organized and viewed.

Tracking Patient Referral Sources

So you have decided to use the web or even Google to expose your office. Well what is the return on your investment? MOGO Cloud dental software provides extensive reporting capabilities such as tracking referrals within the software. This gives you the bottom line numbers for referral efforts as well as the success of marketing campaigns. You can adjust the office setting to require a referral entry for each new patient created to ensure staff is inputting all referral data.

Electronic Appointment Reminders and Confirmations (eReminders)

Let’s face it, it is now 2017 and it is an electronic world. Patients are responding more to text message and emails versus phone calls. MOGO has implemented eReminders directly in the software so you don’t have to purchase these features from an outside company-that’s right, no additional fees! Text message and email appointment reminders help your schedule stay full and retain patient appointments. 

Interoffice Communication

Communication is key for any team, especially within a dental practice. Take advantage of all the communication tools MOGO provides for team members! Sending interoffice messages will help you stay in communication with each other. Within a dental practice, there are many moving parts. These moving parts can easily cause confusion and your patients can feel the confusion. Communicate more easily and confidently and your office will run smoothly. MOGO Cloud also allows you to receive messages via text or email-just adjust your user setting to receive them at your preferred phone number or email address.

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