Many systems are created to ensure your patients are on track with their oral healthcare and financial obligations to the office. Paper systems are old news. A good system for dentists helps keep track of important activities such as recalls and accounts receivables within your office.

Accounts Receivable (AR)

Dentists create a system for AR to ensure that employees are accountable and following up on patient and insurance balances. After all, Dentistry is a business and keeping track of your outstanding balances needs a system that is followed by management and your dental team. Your Dental Software should have a robust AR Suite that aids your employees in the follow up of patient and family balances. If your AR system is sending invoices monthly, these statements must be sent monthly to avoid confusion and also to ensure you’re collecting overdue balances. Your dental software can help you understand your AR and keep it organized. The AR report within your dental software should not be a static report you print but rather, a live report you can work off of in real time.

Recare Appointments (Recall)

Whether your staff or hygienist follows up on overdue recall, it needs to get done. Recall is the backbone of your dental clinic and a system needs to be in place from day one. Your dental software helps with this system by giving you resources such as overdue lists, letters, postcards and eReminders options.  Dental Software continues to be improved with options to help you run a more efficient office. Use the recall tools within your software to contact your patients and remind them the importance of recare appointments.

Follow Up Calls to Patients

Unforeseen situations occur during clinical treatment and many patients need a follow up call or reminder. Your dental software has tools to aid you in a follow up system.  Either a To Do List or an appointment book can be used to ensure your patients receive a follow up call from a staff member or clinician. Keep this system organized and your patients will rave about your care when you follow up with them via telephone or electronically after an adverse treatment appointment or negative situation. Above par customer service always wins!



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