Dental practices are increasingly moving to the Cloud for their office management software. A server based dental software model requires you to have a server computer and network installed in your practice. You store all of your data on your server and also run nightly backups of your data. In contrast, a cloud based dental software model allows you to store your data in real time on a cloud host via the internet. Using the Cloud, you don’t need a server computer or network in your office.

Benefits of the Cloud


Stay connected to your office even while you’re out. The possibilities are endless. What if you have to close the office because you just got 5 feet of snow? No worries. Log in to the secure cloud, and call your patients to let them know you’re closed. And while you’re at it, why not go ahead and reschedule their appointment? Using cloud dental software you have full access to everything you need. So when an emergency call comes in, you can just grab your laptop and login. Your patient records are at your fingertips. Literally.


If your software is hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud, your data is safe and secure. It is stored and accessed via Microsoft managed data centers which means you no longer have to stress about threats to your local server or network. Do what you do best – practice dentistry, manage your office and get rid of your IT headaches for good!


Servers to support your local network are expensive to maintain and also to replace. Storing your database in real time via the cloud allows you to rid your office (and wallet) of expensive servers and annual server maintenance. On average, servers are replaced every 3-5 years. Not only will you reduce your costs by no longer needing a server computer, you will not have to maintain it which decreases the amount you spend on IT services. With dental cloud software, you don’t need server hardware, server software, network installation and maintenance.


Do you currently operate two or more dental clinics? If yes, then wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to see your patients’ information from one screen at any location? What about generating vital reports from any computer for any location? Cloud based dental software allows the possibility for multi-location clinics at unbelievable pricing.

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